Spactacular Holidays

For only Php 777, get an ultimate pamper session with a Swedish massage, Salt &Sugar Scrub and Diamond Peel Facial.

Salt & Sugar Scrub
For a much healthier-looking skin, the salt and sugar scrub can get rid of the dead skin cells resulting to a more nourished and even skin tone.

Technique done with long gliding strokes to achieve an increased level of oxygen in the blood, decreased toxins in the muscles and improved circulation and flexibility.

Diamond Peel
A fast and virtually pain-free process that delivers a steady, effective stream of fine crystals directly onto the skin. It removes the old surface of the skin, leaving it smooth, fresh, and rejuvenated.

Let yourself be pampered by expert hands this holiday season and experience unimaginable relaxation.

This promo is only available for purchase until December 31, 2016, but can be availed any time, with no expiry. Skip the long lines and delight those you love with a gift they won't want to return.

Preparing for the holiday season is now within your reach. Call us now at (032) 418-8814 or visit our website at