Mother "Glows" Best Promo

Mothers are the light that guides our lives from the moment we were born up until today. Because of them, we are what we are and we owe it to them. This month of May, let's celebrate the light of our homes: our mothers. Make that light shine the brightest with our appreciation and make her glow even brighter with Prana Medispa's Mother "Glows" Best Promo!

Summer Slimfest Promo

Say goodbye to stubborn fat and watch your belly go flat because your summer fitness journey continues as we bring you Prana Medispa's Summer Slim Fest Promo! For only Php2,800, slim down and fit into that sexy bikini this summer.

Prana Medispa BeYOUtiful Summer Promo

Just imagine how great it would be if you could just zap away undesirable “extra baggage” with a wave of a wand like the way a fairy could? Well, as it turns out, you can do away with these unwanted fats just as easily without the need for your very own fairy godmother.